We wrote that, because of low deposit rates and the risk of inflation, those who hold their money in the bank may expect a fall in real yields. But if we are turning our savings to other investments, we need an account where we can raise our money. We collected the savings accounts of the banks. Where’s the value of our little money piled up?

Money in savings accounts

Money in savings accounts

The money in savings accounts can be the best emergency reserve. It is not visible on our checking account, so we don’t spend it by accident, but it is almost immediately available. Even in the event of a break-in, we will not lose the interest we have had until then, and in the case of regular savings, our money can even yield a nice return.

Opening a savings account

Opening a savings account

We also have a comparison of savings accounts available , but unfortunately this does not include all the bonus rates and promotions we would like to replace at least for the biggest banks. You should also check with smaller banks about the terms and conditions for opening a savings account and the fees involved.

Among the banks, ABC pays the highest interest rate on the savings account, as it has 2.3 percent interest rate up to HUF 5 million. The central bank base rate is currently 2.1 percent, which allows us to calculate the current interest rate of all other credit institutions.

We may receive bonus interest



When to open a savings account


  1. Almost always when it’s free at the bank.
  2. If you can only set aside a smaller amount per month, you cannot deposit.
  3. You want an easily accessible savings that is not cash.
  4. You would like your emergency reserve to be kept separate from the money in your bank account.

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